Are you a regular at your pharmacy? If you are, you know the value your pharmacist offers. Pharmacists are skilled healthcare providers with a wealth of knowledge and formal training to support their delivery of healthcare to you.

Access to services like prescription refills, vaccinations, high blood pressure and diabetes support, and overall health advice are some of the many things your pharmacist can deliver at any stage of life – from infants to seniors.

With one-on-one consultations and access to health information and advice, you can take a more proactive approach to health management and long-term wellness planning whenever you visit your pharmacist.

It’s all about collaboration.

Alberta’s pharmacists recognize that providing effective care cannot be done using a one-size fits-all approach and that’s why they develop relationships with you, your family and your broader health providers: to deliver care that is considerate, compassionate and personalized for you. As part of the province’s integrated healthcare network, pharmacists play a critical role in ensuring you receive individual attention as you move through your healthcare journey.

That means you get a say.

Research has shown that when individuals feel more in control of their health outcomes, they are more committed to following advice and making other positive choices in support of their goals. Pharmacists are committed to taking as much time as you need to understand your healthcare requirements so that they can provide a solution that’s right for you.

Pharmacists have one-to-one patient time and use it to provide a range of additional services that help individuals to take control of their health. Services like comprehensive medication reviews, prescription adjustments and replacements, and support to quit smoking can help you make positive choices for your health.

Pharmacists can help you quit smoking. Pharmacists can start you on medication and help you create a plan to quit.