The Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA) is a not-for-profit, membership-based group which provides representation and advocacy for the pharmacists of Alberta. The Association works to advance the pharmacy profession in the province through education, engagement with other healthcare providers, and communications with members of the public about the value of pharmacists in meeting their everyday health goals. Through these primary objectives, the Association is also working to advance the quality of healthcare for all Albertans.

A voice for our members

RxA promotes the role of pharmacists in healthcare, offers support and professional development to working pharmacists, and provides a unified, public-facing voice for the profession. RxA also provides support and mentorship to student pharmacists as they work through their studies. Governed by an elected Board of Directors, RxA is committed to establishing productive relationships with other medical professionals, members of government, and other relevant groups. The Association engages with these groups with a focus on ensuring that the profession and individual pharmacists are best positioned to help Albertans move their healthcare goals forward.

Moving pharmacy forward for Albertans

The Association has advocated for pharmacists to expand the scope of services they are authorized to deliver to Albertans. As part of this work, the Association continues to actively support the profession’s integration into the overall provincial healthcare system. Pharmacists in Alberta are authorized to provide the largest scope of patient care in all of North America. This allows pharmacists to take on a broader role in the provision of healthcare to all Albertans, which is one of the Association’s overall mandates.

As Alberta looks to continue its role as a leader in quality public healthcare, RxA continues to build relationships, educate its members and lay the groundwork for more convenient, accessible healthcare for all Albertans.